Sunday, September 1, 2013

Glistening (aka sweating) - A Blessing

Anyone who has known me for any considerable amount of time will know that I LOVE my air conditioning. This Mama does not like being hot at all! I always blame my Dad for this - when you grow up with a mechanical father, you never had to suffer very long if there was an issue. Well, today is the first day of September but most Texans will swear it is still August, based on our weather. It was 103 today with humidity that made it feel like 105! UGH!!

Husband, A and I ventured out to the mall briefly this afternoon only to realize two things....1) there were WAY too many people at the mall and 2) it was so hot outside that it felt like the tops of my feet were burning within seconds in my flip-flops. We hurriedly returned home and have stayed here ever since. However, right around the time we were putting A to bed, we noticed it was rather warm in the house. Upon checking the thermostat, we saw that it was 81 degrees! That was not right. Husband checked the unit outside a couple of times and flipped the breaker, to no avail. Thankfully, we work for an industrial air-conditioning, security, power generation company so I called one of our managers on call and he quickly got a technician dispatched to come check our unit. It is currently 8:16 pm and it is quite dark outside but I am so thankful to know our air will be fixed shortly and that it is nothing compared to the trials and struggles some of the children adopted by the families of my favorite blogs  have gone through.

So as I sit here with a fan aimed right at me, knowing help is almost here, I remind myself of how blessed I am....that I truly have more than anyone could ask for. It really amazes me how quickly I can forget that when things don't happen perfectly. I know that even though I have never met these incredible families, I have been forever changed by reading their stories. One family's blog I highly encourage you to read is The Blessing of Verity. Susanna, the mother to all the amazing children in her family, is truly a Mary in a Martha world. Please stop by her blog and read about her blessed family and their newest addition, Tommy, who was just adopted from Eastern Europe.