Friday, August 9, 2013

A Beginning

How does one begin a new journey? foot in front of the other, most of the time with no more than a destination or idea in mind. I tried blogging years ago right after my husband and I were married but never really adapted to it. I never left reading blogs, though. I have "daily" blogs that I check each day, in the hopes that a new post was written. After reading a few posts by my favorite authors, it dawned on me that I have grown and changed since the last time I was a blogger and I would like to try it again.

One major difference is I am now a mother to a beautiful baby girl to whom I will refer to as "A" in my postings. To say that she has changed my life is truly an understatement. I have learned that I was and still am, to a certain extent, a selfish person. I never realized how much time and energy I used before on frivolous things. Becoming a parent will quickly bring that to light and to be honest, I am quite grateful for it allows me to accept this revelation and to change. Over this last year, we have lost two amazing women in our family - my grandmother and my husband's grandmother - but we were also blessed beyond words. We were able to move to our "forever" home, in a wonderful community and that is closer to family and to work. Having pieces "fall into place" allows me to realize that now is the time to focus on what is truly important. It is time for me to deem what legacy I want to leave behind and share with those closest to me and to those miles away.

So, with that forefront in my mind, my first order of business is to create my family mission statement. My husband and I are religious individuals. He was raised in the church and I went to private school from 2nd grade through high school. We both have a relationship with our Lord but it could definitely be strengthened and we want to share that with A. We would like to adopt the following for our family mission statement:

"To share love and acceptance to those we meet in such a way that we keep Jesus' teachings as our focus and guide. So that at the end of each day, we can say we shared our blessings and beliefs to others and helped make the world a better place."

I hope you will join me on this amazing journey called Life.

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  1. You are off to a great start with your blog! I found blogging to be a great way to capture all the little joys and blessings of the ordinary days. I hope that blogging will be more agreeable for you this time. I think you will love going back and seeing those blessings too. Plus, you'll get to see A grow and change and you can chronicle the growth of your marriage. I've already added you to my read list and look forward to staying in touch with you this way! Who knows...maybe I'll even take up blogging again. :)